Awake Chocolate Caffeinated Bar, Milk, 12 Count (1.55 oz each)


● AWAKE Chocolate bars are Delicious milk chocolate caffeinated bars that give you focus, and energy for school, work, or studying
● AWAKE Chocolate Bars are Caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee but without that bitter coffee taste and can be conveniently carried with you
● AWAKE Chocolate bars are Convenient, breakable 4-piece tablet bars for your quick performance and focus needs anytime, anywhere
● Need to stay awake for exams, work, or need to focus, but want an energy drink alternative? Then you need AWAKE Chocolate bars
● Awake Chocolate Bars come in two delicious flavors Milk Chocolate and Caramel, both have the caffeine equivalent of 1-cup of coffee, and are Kosher certified

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